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Technology Disruption

verything will be connected. Get over it. If you want it or not. Everything will be. The rise of the API economy, IoT, ubiquitous computing etc. All thes technology revolution will impact your business. Are you equiped to leverage them or will your competition be ahead?

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Business Model Transformation

Sharing Economy, marketing automation, social media, service based models. Business Models are on fire and massively impacting long standing businesses. Just think about UBER, AirBnB, Tesla to name a few. Have you reinvented your go to market? Are you innovative enough?


Our communication, values, and social well-being as a civilization are rapidly transforming. People now want to see and feel a purpose, especially as Gen Y continue to lead the way in demanding new ways to engage with companies, people and also the changing of work behaviours. 

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Christian Frei


“Isn't that fun. We speak about the importance to transform for the digital industrial revolution. About how massively this revolution will be and how it will transform us....."

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“So we've discussed in lengths about the 4th industrial revolution, the core pillars which are changing and the impact they have on leadership. So how do these three pillars of disruption affect marketing?”


Understand the core pillars of transformation and how they will impact you



Christian is working with disruptive organizations and executives to recruit the right talents for the future

As a certified executive coach Christian is working with executives evolving from inspiration to action

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Understanding the 4th industrial revolution

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